Rate Contract of Pathological Microscopes

(With DGS&D, Govt of India)


We are the leading manufacturer & exporters of "ISI Marked & CE Certified" Microscope for the last four decades. Our Pathological/Research Microscopes are apporved under rate contract by DGS&D, New Delhi. At present five different models of our Pathological/Research Microscopes and accessories are approved under the above rate contract.

We wish to inform your goodself that we, RADICAL INSTRUMENTS, Ambala Cantt holding above rate contract are the only manufacturer of CE Certified Microscopes in India, which are approved under valid rated contract. CE Certified is issued for products in accordance to quality and safety standards complying to those of Europe/Overseas market. No other rate contract holders are having this certification for their Microscopes.

We have supplied more than 25,600 Microscopes & accessories against 1,326 orders placed on us under DGS&D Rate Contracts. More than 95% orders against microscope rate contract are being placed on us due to our high quality, reliability & Services.

Rate Contract No. MICROSCOPE/IT-2/RC-C1000000/1012/82/04962/1438 dt. 31.10.2011 & MICROSCOPE/IT-2/RC-C1000000/1012/82/04962/1438/39011/2807 Dt. 15.11.2011 Valid upto 31.102012.