High Infection Kit

For complete protection from head to toe





  • Proto Gown (Fluid proof from front, back and sleeves)
  • Hood Cap (Hood cap covers full head and ears)
  • Surgeon's Mask (3 ply face mask having middle layer with bacteria filter to give better protection.)
  • Shoe Legging (Shoe legging provided upto knee length.)
  • Double Gloves Pair (To reduce risk of cross infection)
  • PE Sheet (PE sheet for draping the OT table 150 cm x 140 cm)
  • Goggles (Single piece plastic, side moulded goggle with smooth edges for better protection.)
  • Carry Bag (For used items disposal plastic carry bag provided.)

Recommended to use while doing procedure like examining, treating, operating etc.


All contents in sterile tray. Each tray individually packed in a box. 60 boxes per shipping carton