Centsteel 316 LVM



CENTSTEELTM Assures More Resistant to Breakage

Easier approx of the sternum with Superior 316 LVM Stainless Steel Wire which is designed to minimise breakage during band tightening by twisting.

CENTSTEELTM Assures Approximation of Sternum

This pliable wire conforms more closely to the contours of the sternum providing better distribution of the forces needed to maintain proper approximation. This reduces areas of concentrated pressures that cause tear through in adverse post operative situations, such as coughing. .

CENTSTEELTM Meets Current Specifications for Wire Sutures

CENTSTEELTM meets the current specifications for yield strength and elongation for sternotomy sutures length is similar to comaprable sutures


Swaged End of Centenial Laser drilled Needle

Swaged End of Conventional Channeled Needle


Superior Needle Point

  • Made of advanced stainless steel alloy for sharper point and increased durability.
  • Finer taper ratio for excellent penetration.
  • Holds edge longer, pass after pass.

Superior Needle Attachment

  • Complete line of drilled end needles.
  • Needles are drilled for a smooth needle suture attachment, providing an easier transition with less tissue disruption.

Convenient Packaging

Packaged 1 dozen per box

  • Uniform colour coding, easy code conversions.
  • Unopened primary package can be returned to storage if not immediately needed.