Centidene Monofilament

Monofilament Polyvinylidene (PVDF)

CENTIDENETM, PVDF sutures is smooth, supple, free from frays & kinks, has a higher tensile strength, requires less knots to achive knot security and this technically advanced suture material is easier to straighten when removed from pack.

Superior Penetration

  • Laser - drilling allows use of a unique, strong stainless steel alloy with high-performance capabilities.
  • Fine taper ratio for excellent penetration.
  • Up to 21% better penetration on the 10th pass than any competitor.

Superior Ductile Strength

  • Laser-drilling allows use of a unique, strong stainless steel alloy for increased ductile strength.
  • Up to 350% more resistant to breakage during bending.
  • Less likely to break when reshaping.

Swaged End of Centenial Laser drilled Needle

Swaged End of Conventional Channeled Needle

Superior Needle Point

  • Made of advanced stainless steel alloy for sharper point and increased durability.
  • Finer taper ratio for excellent penetration.
  • Holds edge longer, pass after pass.

Superior Needle Attachment

  • Complete line of drilled end needles.
  • Needles are drilled for a smooth needle suture attachment, providing an easier transition with less tissue disruption.

Convenient Packaging

Packaged 1 dozen per box

  • Uniform colour coding, easy code conversions.
  • Unopened primary package can be returned to storage if not immediately needed.